A source of traditional fiddle tunes as well as original tunes
Original tunes are found here, and if you have a new fiddle tune you have written that you would like me to add to the resource list, just email me and it will be considered.
I reserve the right to accept or decline tune submissions. Thank You.
***All of the original tunes here are used with the permission of the composer, and are for individual or jam session use, or non-paid performance only. Please, no reproduction, besides for the above reasons, in written or recorded form without consent of the composer. Thank you!***
Please click on link to view a printable sheet music in PDF format. You can also save the PDF to your computer for use on any device that can read PDF files - iPad, Kindle, etc. :) Sheet music is notation and chords.

Ancestors, The

Ancient Cottonwood, The

April Then May

Black Rock Mountain

Bookbinder, The

Bow Frog

Caterpillar Parade

Cedar Hollow

Cherry Tree Jam, The

Chicken on the Boat

Colder Than a Bearcat

Comin' From Town

Corbett Shot Booth


Cows in the Turd Pond

Day of Reckoning

Dillo and The Possum, The

Elijah Harper's Reel

Gift, The

Hiding from the Boys

Hockley Creek

Kickin' the Can

Meghan's Hornpipe

Melissa's Waltz

New Year's Jig

Night Clouds

Out of My Head

Peanut Butter and Jelly

Setting Moon, The

Skip to the Loo

Stardische Polka

Three Black Cows at the Gate

Three Owls Jig

Tom Smith's

Twenty-First of April, The

Twin Maples Hornpipe

Walnut River Waltz in C

Washboard Reel

Whiffle Jig, The