A source of traditional fiddle tunes as well as original tunes
This page features traditional tunes that have come across my path.:) Some are very common and well-known tunes, and others are rather obscure tunes that have been rewarding to find and learn!
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***All tunes here are, to the best of my knowledge, traditional and in the public domain. If you discover a tune listed that has a composer, please contact me so that I can correct it. Thank you!*** Please click on link to view a printable sheet music in PDF format. You can also save the PDF to your computer for use on any device that can read PDF files - iPad, Kindle, etc. :) Sheet music is notation and chords.
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Acadian Two Step, The

Angeline the Baker

Arkansas Traveler

Arrington's Breakdown

Austin Breakdown


Bag of Spuds

Barlow Knife

Battle of Cedar Creek

Be Thou My Vision

Belle of Lexington

Big Liza Jane

Big Scioty

Bill Cheatham

Bill Katon's Tune

Bill Malley's Barn Dance

Billy in the Lowground

Billy in the Lowland

Birds, The

Black Cat in a Briar Patch

Blackberry Blossom

Blackthorn Stick

Blue Mule

Bob Taylor's March

Boda Waltz

Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine

Bonaparte Crossing the Rocky Mt.

Bonnie at Morn

Boston Boy

Bottom of the Punchbowl, The

Boys of Malin, The

Breton Dance Tune

Brian Boru's March

Brisk Young Soldier

Britches Full of Stitches

Brushy Run

Buckcreek Gals

Cajun Fiddle

Camp Meeting on the Fourth of July

Can You Dance a Tobacco Hill

Captain Byng

Cat Clumb Up the Plum Tree

Cedar Gap


Cherokee Shuffle

Cherry River Line

Chez Seychelles

Cincinnati Rag

Clare's Dragoons

Cock O' the North

Cold Frosty Morning

Collier's Reel

Concertina Reel

Constitution March

Cooley's Reel

Cotton-Eyed Joe

Cripple Creek

Cuckoo's Nest

Custom's Gap

Dailey's Reel in key of Bb

Dailey's Reel in key of G

Devil in the Hay Stack

Devil's Dream

Diamond Joe

Did You Ever See the Devil, Uncle Joe

Down Yonder

Dry & Dusty


Duck River

Duck's Eyeball

Emma's Waltz


Everybody's Schottische

Fair Morning Hornpipe

Falls of Richmond

Fat Meat and Dumplings

Father Kelly's

Fine Times at Our House

Finnish Polka


Flock of Birds

Flying Cloud Cotillion

Flying Clouds

Flying Indian

Fort Smith



Frog in the Well, The

Girl I Left Behind, The

Glory in the Meeting House

Golden Slippers

Good Morning to Your Nightcap

Grand Picnic, The 

Granny, Will Your Dog Bite

Green Fields of America

Greencastle Hornpipe key of D

Greencastle Hornpipe key of G

Grizzly Bear, The

Harp and Shamrock

Hollow Poplar

Home with the Girls

Hop High Ladies

Hulls Victory

Icy Mountain

I'll Buy Boots for Maggie

Indian, The

Irish Lamentation

Jake Gillie


Jean Latippe

Jeff City

Jeff Sturgeon

Jefferson City

Jenny on the Railroad

Jenny Ran Away in the Mud in the Night key of G

Jenny Tie the Bonnet

Joe Banes key of G

Joe Banes

John MacDonald's Reel

John Rawl Jamieson

John Ryan's Polka

Julianne Johnson

June Apple

Kean O'Hara

Kelton's Reel

Kicking up the Devil on a Holiday


Kiowa Special

Kitchen Girl


Liquor Seller

Little Billy Wilson

Liza Lynn

Loch Leven Castle

Lonesome John

Maid Behind the Bar

Margaret's Waltz

Mike in the Wilderness

Mississippi Sawyer

Missouri Mud

Moon and Seven Stars

Mothers Delight

Mountain Road, The

Mrs. Ryan's Polka

My Love is in America


Old Horse and Buggy

Old Joe Clark (A)

Old Ladies Pickin' Chickens

Old Mother Flanagan

Old Yellow Dog

Over the Waterfall

Paddy on a Handcar

Paddy's Trip to Scotland


Pigtown Fling

Polly Put the Kettle On

Poor Little Possum

Possum in the Well

Possum on a Fiddler

Possum/s Tail is Bare

Pretty Little Cat

Pretty Maid Milking Her Cow

Puff Adder Step Dance

Pumpkin Ridge

Puncheon Floor

Quail is a Pretty Bird

Quarry Cross, The









Quarter Deck, The

Queen's Polka

Ragtime Annie

Rakes of Kildare

Red Fox

Red-Haired Boy

Red Wing

Reel de Beatrice

Reel de Limoilou

Reel de Pere Leon

Road to Lisdoonvarna

Rock the Cradle, Joe

Ruffled Drawers

Rush and the Pepper

Saddle Old Kate

Sail Away Ladies

Sal's Got Mud Between Her Toes

Salty River Reel

Sandy River Belle

Santa Anna's Retreat

Sarah Armstrong

Seneca Square Dance

Sergeant Early's Dream

Sheepskin and Beeswax

Shetland Fiddler, The

Sheila Coyles

Shetland Fiddler, The

Ships Are Sailing

Shoo Fly

Shove That Pigs Foot

Single Footin' Horse

Sligo Maid

Slow Barn Dance

Soldier's Joy

Sparrow in the Treetop

Spirvin's Fancy

Squirrel Hunters

St. Annes Reel

Star of the County Down

Steamboat Jig, The

Steamboat Quickstep

Step to the Music Johnny

Step Around Johnny

Stoney Point

Streaking Old Fiddler

Stump Tail Dog

Sugar in the Gourd

Swallowtail Jig

Swamplake Breakdown

Swedish Waltz

Sweet John Brown's March

Temperance Reel

Ten-Penny Bit, The

Teviot Bridge

Texas Gales

Texas Girls

The 28th of January

Third of July

Third Party

Thompson's Reel

Tie the Bonnet

Tripping Up The Stairs

Tucker's Barn

Turkey in the Straw

Tuttle's Reel

Twin Sisters

Two Wide Nickels

Uncle Jim's Jig

Upstairs in a Tent

Valley Forge

Waiting for the Federals

Wake Up Susan

Walk Along John to Kansas

Walk Old Shoe, Heel Come A-Draggin'

Washington Quickstep

Washington's March

Ways of the World

Whiskey Before Breakfast

Whiskey in the Jar

Whistling Rufus

Wild Shoat

Wildwood Flower

Yearlings in the Canebreak

Yellow Cat

Yellow Gals